Friday, July 25, 2014

notes from recent district meetings

Abby Sessions

Pioneer Day was the best day yet. We were able to go to temple square with Abby Sessions and have two sister missionaries and the young elders from our stake teach and bear witness of our Savior, temples, and the joy of families. The spirit was powerful and manifested to me just how blessed my life has been as a result of my pioneer ancestors giving their all for their faith. Because of their hard work and devotion my life has been filled with joy.

Abby is planning to be baptized in September.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Come, Come Ye Saints

 young men and women from all over the world
in the Salt Lake City East Mission
for one day
were pioneers
 unlike pioneers we had
sunglasses, sunscreen, good shoes,
full stomachs and and the knowledge it was for one day
 Elder Skinner. Elder Sanders. Elder Holden
 A small delay turns into an opportunity
to stretch and explore.

 It's morning here and we have energy for this day.
Our district (the district of Ammon)...with just a peek of Elder and Sister Carlston.
 This is more than a peek of our newlyweds!
 Like the pioneers...we have faith.
The kind of faith that enables us to lay down our lives of self-centeredness.
Eighteen months, two years, three years if you're the Eberhardts.
We have faith in Jesus Christ and His power to save, lift, and bless.
We have been blessed and we want to lift our brother and sisters who are searching.
Elder Carter is surfing the handcart...Westward Ho!

 This is my first ever friend named Shirley. I love her.
 Yup...I'm crazy for my missionary.
 Elder Holden about to get worked.
 Elder Hawton about to show us who's boss.
 Elder Sanders with Elder Hawton...they were companions not so long ago.
 President and Sister Eberhardt...they have what it takes.
Don't fool around with Elder Quinton...he'll spank you and send you home crying for your mama.
 Pretty soon the sisters will be pulling the handcarts up the trail on the right.
 We receive instructions and stories of faith.
 My darling girls---Sister Bowman, Sister Knight, Sister Aiasau, and Sister Masih in the cart.
 After the Sister's crested the hill we received love from our leaders.
"And should we die before our journey's through, Happy Day, All Is Well."

  1. Text: William Clayton, 1814-1879
    Music: English folk song

Thursday, July 17, 2014

what we are doing these days

 this is our district...these are dedicated Elders and Sisters

 Elder Carter is teaching Temple Preparation lessons to Chip and his wife Della.

Last week our District Leader, Elder Holden, gave us this lesson. Elder Holden is a very effective teacher. He is able to involve our whole district in offering input.


Monday, July 14, 2014

District Meeting

Yes...I blew this photo up so you can see the expectations we have for our new district leader written on the left. His expectations for us written on the right. His name is Elder Holden and he is earnest, kind, hardworking and a humble missionary.


Oh, That I Were An Angel!

 Right now these are the young sister missionaries and Elders that we and the Carlston's work with.
 This is the lovely Sister Eberhardt. She is the mother of our other words the mission president's wife. She works hard and loves greatly.
 We had a field trip to the Sunday broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word. What an amazing resource for missionaries. And that is just what a Utah mission amazing place to serve a mission.
 Serving a mission from our home allows us to attend home ward activities. This is my granddaughter Claire at the ward 4th of July breakfast. Elder Carter had some good conversations with nonmembers at this celebration.
 Don't you just love looking at these sister missionaries? You can see how much they love each other and support each other in this magnificent work.
 This eating establishment feeds missionaries half the regular price. An often occurrence here. You are looking into the faces of people I respect and love. They are the finest.
 These Elders are hamming it up for me. We trust them with anyone we can get to listen. Our success is in the invitation and we are always inviting those we meet to COME UNTO CHRIST.
 Last transfer we lost Elder Hawton. He is the Elder on the left who is now happily serving in Wyoming.
We got together for a going away breakfast last transfer. Elder Sanders stayed with us. He is the Elder on the left.