Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hastening the Work of Salvation

"Have faith. The Lord can magnify the words you speak and make them mighty. God doesn’t ask you to convert but rather to open your mouths."—Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We have just completed week four of our mission the first week being spent in the MTC. I am praying to be ready and worthy of this assignment. We met with the Stake Presidency today with the Elders assigned to our stake. It was a helpful and productive meeting. We have much to do.

This week we had a zone conference and also a dinner invitation with a group of friends that have been gathering for the past 23 years. Our host, Don and Diane Adamson, have a desire to follow the council of our prophet and wanted us to speak to their friends about hastening the work.

a small thank you for the hosts

The dinner was lovely and the friends were very helpful in giving us feedback as to what their idea of effective missionary work looks like. We exchanged many ideas and the spirit in that home was sweet and positive.

 a zone conference activity

We also attended a zone conference this week. It was helpful to watch the missionary's gather and teach each other. The Elders and Sisters are very positive with each other. I love to picture my sons and brothers in those various roles teaching and being instructed. After the meeting our district met at our home for lunch. We served a baked potato bar with salad, clementines, and cinnamon heart candies. There were a total of ten of us here at our home.

Elder and Sister Carlston--senior missionary's in our district

Today we attended the 8th ward YW and passed around our CARE FOR THE ONE bracelets. The YW had a great spirit in their room and it felt so good to testify of Christ. I sang a song to them about missionary work...the same song I sang to the Primary last week. I am enjoying this call to serve so much. My companion is the best.


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  1. I'm all caught up and honored to be included in the recipients you share your experience, strength and hope with. In my eyes you've always been a missionary. I love you and while I have to agree that you did catch a great guy he in turn caught a really great girl.