Sunday, July 12, 2015

tomorrow we are finished!

Elder Hinckley: We have always had a modern technology. The world has not recognized it but it is there, and this is the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. Of course, we have need for and are constantly developing aids to better assist missionaries in their work, but in the last analysis missionary work is a matter of looking a man in the eye and bearing testimony out of the heart. That testimony can be conveyed by the Spirit on a heart-to-heart basis. That is the real conversion process. There will be new ways to teach, there will be new ways to find people, but the conversion will come through the power of the Spirit on the part of him who testifies and in the heart of him who listens. A person knows by the witness of the Spirit that the gospel is true. It is the only way he knows. That has always been the case. It always will be the case. That is the sum and substance of the whole missionary process. “The things of God are understood by the Spirit of God.” June, 1973

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